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Helping Founders Build A Future World in Web3, Together

An early stage investment fund targeted at all things Web3 and on the Blockchain

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Major Investments


In early 2020, Cordell Broadus invested into MoonPay (, a major player in crypto transactions that powers popular websites such as Opensea for NFT payments.

Not only did he invest in the company but also worked closely with its CEO Ivan Soto Wright to bring famous artists such as Eminem, Justin Bieber, and Paris Hilton to the Web 3 community.

Moon Pay has been a massive success and is now currently valued at USD3.4 billion.

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The world’s leading brand in Esports, FaZe Clan ( has created a culture that has grabbed the minds of 10-26 year olds across the world.

Cordell invested into FaZe in 2019, brought his father Snoop Dogg to the company, and eventually established him as a board member.

This helped FaZe become the firstesports organization to do an IPO in 2022. Valued at over USD800 million, this investment has been a massive success and has been a case study for how we use our network to help our portfolio companies grow.



The Sandbox game ( took the world by storm as the first major metaverse. A Minecraft styled world which allows brands and creatives to build a world they desire.

As an early investor, Cordell brought his relationships to the table. He plugged in Snoop Dogg and FaZe Clan into the Sandbox ecosystem and helped the company reach worldwide popularity.

As the neighboring land sales begun selling for just south of a million dollars, everyone was excited at the concept of being Snoop Dogg’s neighbor. Today Sandbox is valued at USD4 billion and is the established leader of the Metaverse space.


Benefits We Offer

WTTB has always functioned as a facilitator of opportunities.


Investors would receive access to our expansive network and ecosystem across the entertainment and technology industries.


Access to concerts, festivals, and sporting events would be available to investors.


We would set up meetings with top talents from the Music, Sports, and Entertainment industries

WTTB-champ medici.png

Access to all Champ Medici Lounge events across the world.


Ability to use the Snoop Geek Squad as a way to vet any and all future Web 3 initiatives.

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